Magika is an EMMY, BDA and PROMAX Award winning design company that specializes in creative, art direction, branding and design for broadcast, corporate, advertising, web, mobile and print media. The principals, Teri Yarbrow and Max Almy are award-winning artists and creative directors.

They have worked with major entertainment, advertising and corporate clients including; Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Comedy Central, MGM, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, HBO, Paramount, the Africa Channel, The History Channel,

House of Blues, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dentsu, Lucent Technologies, Philips interactive.  In the last three years, Magika has designed numerous web and mobil projects for new emerging tech companies who focus on Data and Cloud Services including; Liaison, ServiceMax, Bizo, ClickFox, Configero, Bright Idea, Informatica and Crowd Factory.

Their work in commercials has included campaigns for the Toyota Highlander, Camry, Tacoma, Honda, Cincinnati Bell, Charles Schwab. Edwin Jeans, Movie Link, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachii and LucentTechnologies.

Magika was the first Broadcast Design team to work for a major Television Network in China. They developed complete branding strategies and design packages for two Channels. GDTV Satellite and ZhuJiang Pearl River Channel including new logos, promotional concepts, network graphics and design for print media.

Magika has an extensive background in design for television. They have created show opens, logos and graphics for numerous individual productions including; “Extreme Makeover”, “American Idol”, an Emmy Award nominated package for “Beyond, with James Van Praagh”. “Miss Universe”, “Miss USA”, “Comedy Central Presents”, Emmy winning work for Fox’s “Front Page”, “The Most Fascinating Women”, “The Essence Awards” “Mickey Mouse Club” and numerous shows for The History Channel, PBS and National Geographic.

Max Almy and Teri Yarbrow have won Emmys for Individual achievement in Graphic Design. They have been recognized as leading artists and designers with awards from numerous festivals and conferences including: NEA, AFI, The Berlin Film Festival, The Broadcast Design Association, Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Executive Association,

the Houston Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival, the International Film and Television Festival of New York, and German Television-ZKM.